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Welcome to Small Business Hub

Here you will find free & helpful information to Start, Manage and Grow your Small or Home Based Business here in New Zealand. Also articles about Marketing, Sales, Social Media, Recruitment, Technology, Trends & More…

Why Maintaining a Business Plan is Important

Before you even begin to start your new business, a plan must be created for several reasons such as, investment opportunities, to keep your business on accountable and a list of true objectives.   A list of goals, whether quarterly, annually or weekly will keep your company in line, while an established mission statement will help you, your competitors and your employees understand the overall aimRead More

When a Small Business Should Use a Recruiter

For small businesses without Human Resources (HR), it’s often difficult to know when to employ a recruiter. While HR does much more than recruiting, in many instances, a smaller company’s primary HR need is the acquisition of talent in order to perform at its best and grow.Read More

Is it the right time to add another team member?

How do you know when it’s the right time to add another team member?  Before you reach out to the classifieds or LinkedIn ask yourself a couple questions to really see where you and your company stand.  Below are three questions you should ask yourself, and possibly your current staff, before you decide to hire another employee: Read More

Busting Small Business Myths

Myths. They’re everywhere. In business, myths can hinder your success—by either deterring you, or causing you to think things will be easier than they truly are. There are a lot of obstacles you’ll face as a small business owner, so don’t let these myths get in your wayRead More

Tweetable Tips for Small Business Owners

Small Businesses make the world go round, don’t they? As a small business owner or employee, you probably want to spread the word about how great SMBs are. To help you out, we’ve compiled some interesting stats and figures about small businesses, as well as advice from fellow entrepreneurs—and we’ve made them easily tweetableRead More

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Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. This means that any file you save to your Dropbox…


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Collective Intellect

CI:Insight, our semantic and text mining technology, allows you to monitor and analyze private and public data, including social media, to surface consumer intentions, preferences…

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Create and customize email newsletters Our powerful, easy-to-use Editor is a breeze to work with. It lets you edit images and even the text inside of images, and gives you over 300 free…

Zilicus is a project management service for companies to use in controlling and monitoring every aspect of a project. Features: Interactive Gantt Chart, Task Scheduling, Project Team Management…


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Small Business:

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Business Wisdom found in the Movies

Movies are part of today’s pop culture.  And while most of us watch for entertainment, we can often find nuggets of wisdom that apply to our lives.  Much like a horoscope, it can be alarming how accurate anecdotes and quotes apply to what is ailing us.  In the business world, this is also true.  Below are three quotes from movies that have inspiredRead More

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When an Idea Becomes a Business

You’ve come up with a stellar business idea… you think. But how do you determine when that idea is actually ready to become a real, working business? Unfortunately, there isn’t a siren, alarm or flashing sign that’s going to tell you. Instead, you’re going to have to decide for yourself. If you’ve considered the following things, then you’re probably ready to hit the green light on your new businessRead More

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