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Video Marketing for Real Estate Businesses

Managing your Business

It's no doubt that the web is indeed a powerful marketing tool. Having a real estate website is becoming a necessity. Building relationships, generating leads and broadening one's network are no longer limited to offline transactions. There are various ways to market oneself online, and the most popular ways are via Social Media sites, Blogging, and Pay Per Click advertising.

With the increasing popularity of Youtube, we begin to wonder why video marketing hasn't been gaining the attention it should have. Well now it has, and video marketing is getting bigger. According to ReelSEO, online videos positively affect branding and user engagement. The growing video industry, which includes supporting video platforms and services, are rapidly growing and its impact on advertising is large. Taboola widgets have become highly popular and are now being used in home pages, article pages and video pages on real estate sites. Video advertising also seems to affect Google searches. According to ReelSEO's article, Google now indexes URls with embedded YouTube videos.

Still not convinced? Check out Youtube and type in "Real Estate".

You'll find a large number of videos popping up, and don't be surprised if some of them are from realtors just like you.  Econsultancy cites the following as important reasons as to why video marketing works and how it directly affects SEO:

1. Customers would rather spend 2 minutes watching a video than spend 10 minutes reading

2. Videos are shared and they increase engagements

3. Less competition in terms of video marketing

4. A HUGE chunk of the population spend hours watching videos

Having a short and catchy introduction video can do wonders for your website or landing page, but why stop there? What most people do is they create a youtube channel and create informative videos for reference. Not surprisingly, new realtors in need of information and tips turn to such videos for advice and what do you get out of it? Exposure, followers, not to mention acknowledgement and increased credibility, are some of them.

Having updated video blogs are also a great way to keep your viewers engaged. By giving them a glimpse of your ‘relevant" and professional activities, you establish your credibility and increase transparency, leading to more client and follower trust.

Short video testimonials from clients also help a great deal. Not only does it fuel your reputation, it also goes to show just how much your clients are pleased with your service.

The best part about video marketing?  - It's free. Use it wisely

About the Author: UberConcierge is a team of realtor support specialists who provide specialty realtor support to Northern American clients. Our team members specialize in Marketing, SEO, SEM, Graphic Design, Web Design, Online Listing Management, Website Management and more.